Step 1 : Site Details

Country Name
Select the country where treatment plant will be located.
Population Equivalent
Number of people served by treatment plant

Step 2 : Influent Characteristics

No item at all.

Step 3 : Resources Recovered

Please select a water type for reuse from the drop down list.
Please select the energy type for recovery from the dropdown list
Please select the type of nutrients that you want to recover.

Step 4 : Effluent Characteristics

Please update the selected water characteristics

Step 5 : Criteria Weighting


Economic Sub Criteria Weights

Willingness to Pay for Environment
Capital Expenditure
Operational Expenditure
Potential Income Generation

Environmental Sub Criteria Weights

Health Life Cycle Analysis

Social Sub Criteria Weights

Technical Sub Criteria Weights

Technology Readiness Level

Influent Characteristics
Please provide the influent characteristics details for scenario generation

*You can update pollutant concentration values based on influent characteristics
please provide the information on raw influent chracteristics for scenario generation